Vanessa Megan Starter Kit

$99 $139.80

If you've never tried Vanessa Megan before, or even natural skincare or fragrances - you could easily think they're just not effective.

That's why we've assembled our Vanessa Megan Starter Kit - allowing you to sample several of our best-selling products across skincare, body care and natural fragrances, at a heavily discounted price. 

We know that when you've had a chance to feel, smell, try them on your skin, you'll also discover how natural plant extracts and oils work just as well (if not better) than their synthetic chemical counterparts - they feel like a dream, and they smell even better!


1x Holy Trinity Mini Kit [RRP 49.95]

1x Prebiotic + C Skin Polishing Exfoliator Powder [Not for individual sale]

1x Peruvian Flower Nourishing Hand & Body Cream 50ml [RRP 29.95]

1x Monarch Natural Perfume 10ml [RRP 29.95]

1x Harvest Natural Perfume 10ml [RRP 29.95]

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