Is facial mist good for skin?

Facial mists hydrate the skin and also help it absorb other ingredients. Using a cooling, moisture-rich mist is always a bonus for your skin.

Is facial mist necessary?

Facial mists help other ingredients sink into the skin more deeply and they add moisture. So they are a valuable addition to your daily skin and makeup routine.

When do you use facial mist?

Face mists are ideal for layering between the steps of your skin. You can use them between cleansing, serum and moisturiser to help your products absorb more deeply into the skin. You can use them throughout the day to fight dryness, cool the skin and revitalise when your skin feels tired. They can also aid in makeup application by creating a dewy base for the ingredients.

Do you use facial mist before or after moisturizer?

You can do both. A little mist before your moisturiser helps the ingredients sink into the skin and it can prime your skin for makeup or SPF after you moisturise.

Can you use facial mist over makeup?

Yes, and we highly recommend it. A gentle spritz can not only help seal any loose powder for a dewier finish but can also help set your makeup for longer wear. They are a great way to revitalise your makeup throughout the day too, particularly if it starts to get too dry. If you makeup starts to dry out or look tired throughout the day, a spritz of facial mist can revitalise and refresh it.

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