What does a skin cleanser do?

The role of your cleanser is to remove makeup, dirt, oil and pollution from the skin, which in turn allows your skin to function well, sweating naturally, healing quickly and staying clear and healthy. A cleanser will also help to remove dead skin cells and keep the skin gently hydrated.

How to use cleanser? Do you put cleanser on wet or dry skin?

The way you use your cleanser will depend on whether you are using a cream, foaming, gel or oil cleanser. Oil cleansers should be applied to dry or damp skin, massage gently and wipe off with lukewarm water on a gentle cloth. Foaming and gel cleansers need to be applied to damp skin, massaged in and rinsed off with warm water. Cream cleansers can be applied to dry skin, massaged in, rinsed with warm water and then patted dry with a gentle cloth.

Is an oil cleanser good for oily skin?

You can use an oil cleanser on oily skin if it works for you. They are excellent at removing makeup and dirt from the skin. You may want to double cleanse with a foaming cleanser to make sure you don’t leave any residue on your skin, as oily skin needs to be well cleaned.

Is foaming cleanser good for oily skin?

Foaming cleansers are excellent for oily skin, specifically due to their pore-penetrating capabilities. They will go deep into the pores to release and remove excess sebum and the dirt it traps.

Is hydrating cleanser good for oily skin?

If your skin is already oily, you might not need to add any extra moisture through your cleanser. Look for a foaming cleanser that will clean without overhydrating.

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