What does moisturiser do?

Moisturisers work to hydrate the surface layers of the skin. They seal the skin, locking in moisture and nutrients and protecting it from environmental irritants and weather.

Is it good to moisturise every day?

Moisturising every day will create ongoing protection for your skin over time, allowing it to stay healthy and strong, heal quickly and age well. It is important to choose a moisturiser that is right for your skin type so that ongoing use is valuable and not counterproductive.

Does moisturiser help acne?

The right moisturiser is a valuable addition in a skincare routine designed to heal and prevent acne. Look for ingredients that specifically target inflammation that will protect without clogging – things like green and white tea, vitamins A, B and C, niacinamide, ceramides, aloe vera, salicylic acid and tea tree oil.

Should you moisturise before fake tanning?

Absolutely. In fact, moisturise well in the days leading up to applying fake tan as well. Exfoliate and then use a rich, cream moisturiser to prep the skin. This way fake tan will apply more evenly and won’t appear patchy and thick when it catches on dry areas of skin. Moisturising regularly will also help to prolong your fake tan. The two go together like peas in a pod!

Does moisturiser help sunburn?

It does, but you need to use the right products at the right time. If you are badly burned, you need to see a doctor about getting a strong hydrocortisone cream. For a low-level sunburn, you can use aloe vera based moisturisers to take out the heat and start the healing process. Keep the moisturiser in the fridge to aid the cooling process. Calming ingredients in a gel or water-based moisturiser will be best. Look for blue tansy, colloidal silver, aloe and coconut oil.

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