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Article: Natural vs Synthetic Perfume

Natural vs Synthetic Perfume

Natural vs Synthetic Perfume

If you are new to the world of natural perfumes you will be thrilled to find some of the most complex and desirable blends that not only smell incredible, but can have a positive effect on your mind and mood. 

With this in mind, it is important to understand what exactly a natural perfume is, in order to accurately set expectations of the lasting power on your skin.
Vanessa Megan™ natural perfumes are a healthy, toxin-free and alcohol-free alternative to traditional perfumes, so they do not include any of the nasties that synthetic perfumes use to make them last for weeks [or even months] on clothing. Ever wonder how the jumpers you stored last winter come out of the box still smelling like the perfume you sprayed a year ago?

This is because of an ingredient contained in synthetic perfumes known as a fixative, which is a chemical used to make the scents last longer. The most common fixatives are alcohol [which can cause skin dehydration and pigmentation to the spritzed area] and phthalates [which are endocrine and hormone disruptors and are linked to breast cancer, decreased sperm count, liver and kidney damage].

In addition to using toxic chemicals to make the scent last longer, the actual scents themselves are commonly toxic ingredients. Listed in the ingredients simply as “Fragrance,” this catchall term can contain virtually anything and is often loaded with synthetic chemicals that have been linked to cancer, reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, respiratory problems, allergies, and more.
The growing demand for natural perfumes and the desire for alcohol-free alternatives has given rise to water-based perfumes, which provide the purest and most natural expression of a scent possible.

The lasting ability of all perfume- even synthetic- varies from person to person, from ingredient profile to where it is sprayed. 
Your natural aroma, how you apply and where you apply will all affect how the fragrance performs on your skin. This is one of the inherent beauties of natural perfume.

Here are a few tips we’ve found to help our natural perfumes linger a little bit longer:

- Perfumes with deeper, heavier notes, such as the woody profiles are known to last longer than the top note citrus or florals. For this reason, we have included strong base notes in all our complex blends.

- Spraying a perfume on your skin before you dress or at the base of your neck under your hair will keep the scent much longer [up to 3-4 hours]
The heat of the body activates the oils, so as you move throughout the day, your body will reactivate the fragrance.

- Your hair is also a great carrier for scent, so don’t be afraid to give it a little spritz as well.

The biggest difference between our 100% natural perfumes and most perfumes is that ours do not contain alcohol. Also known as isopropyl, alcohol immediately de-greases the skin, creating a quick drying finish. With repetitive use, the accumulative effect damages the skin, weakening the epidermal resistance to irritants that can be known to cause inflammation.

Further, our premium aromatic fragrances are blended from 100% natural and wild grown flowers, trees, fruits, spices and resins.

Synthetic smells derived from petrochemicals:

- Can cause migraines, nausea and lung irritation;
- Mask the skin, rather than allowing for an individual, personal scent; and
-Can cause skin sensitivity and environmental damage

Our natural perfumes will linger on skin, hair and clothing. The heat of the body activates the precious oils, allowing the fragrance to become as individual as you are. Each fragrance also offers aromatherapy benefits.
Our pure plant-based compositions are kind to your body and keep all creatures great and small free from harm.

In addition to increasing the potency of the essential oil blends, our new perfumes come in sleek new bottles. The amber and opaque white glass are designed to protect the essential oils within from going rancid, thereby extending the shelf life of your perfume.

Making the switch to natural perfume definitely takes some adjustment around expectations, but the payoff for your body, mind and soul are well worth it.