What is natural fragrance in skincare?

Natural fragrances are scents created from nature, including trees, plants and flowers, usually in the form of oils, essences and resins. If your skincare says that it only has ‘natural fragrances’ it means that they have used only natural ingredients for the scent of the product. Often these oils and extracts will have other useful skincare properties as well. If your products have synthetic fragrances, it means that the scent has been added in and has been made in a lab. They are not inherently bad but have often been linked to parabens and phthalates, components that are very unhealthy.

Is natural fragrance bad for skin?

Most essential oils, essences and resins in natural fragrances have beneficial properties for your skin, but everyone’s skin is different and some fragrances, no matter how natural might not work for you. If you have sensitive skin, patch test any products or natural perfumes to see how your skin responds.

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