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Article: The Benefits of Double Cleansing

The Benefits of Double Cleansing

The Benefits of Double Cleansing

Sometimes your skin just needs a quick cleanse and it’s good to go. Take off the day’s sunscreen or tinted moisturiser and you’re done. But there are other times when your skin feels like it has been through a lot. You’ve done a full face of makeup for an event, or you’ve been doing yard work, or been at the beach with a heavy sunscreen, or you’ve simply been outdoors all day and collecting a healthy dose of dust, pollen and pollution. There are times like these when your skin feels like it needs something extra, a very deep clean. Enter the ‘double cleanse’.

This is a way to really remove everything you don’t need from your skin, while still keeping it moist and protected. With double cleansing, you start with an oil cleanse and then finish with your usual cleanser, either a foaming or cream cleanser. The first cleanse takes off the makeup, dirt and pollutants, while the second cleanse gently exfoliates and removes dead skin and anything stubborn that was left behind. You don’t necessarily need to double cleanse every day, but it isn’t going to hurt you if you do. See how your skin feels and decide what works for you.

The first cleanse

The first part of a double cleanse is done with an oil cleanser. An oil cleanser is designed to lift excess sebum, clean out clogged pores and help to remove dead skin, pollutants, and makeup. Oil cleansing is very good for skin that needs balancing – dry, sensitive or aging – though it can also be very balancing for skin that produces too much oil and it is worth trying no matter your skin type to see how it works for your particular skin’s needs.

Warm the skin with water or a warm, damp cloth. Place 2-4 drops of oil cleanser into your palm, along with a few drops of water. Rub your palms together and then work the oil into the face massaging into the skin for 30 seconds. Keep the skin damp throughout, applying extra water if necessary. Gently wipe the oil off your face with a warm, damp cloth.

The second cleanse

While your skin is still warm from the first cleanse apply your second cleanser. If you are using a cream cleanser apply it to dry skin and massage it into your skin, rinsing with warm water and patting it dry. If you are using a foaming cleanser apply it to damp skin, massaging well, rinsing with warm water and patting dry.

The extra-exfoliation

Once or twice a week, mix a half-teaspoon of your powdered exfoliant, we recommend VM’s Prebiotic and C Skin Polishing Powder, with your oil cleanser for a rich, deep exfoliation that cleanses, balances sebum and takes away any dead skin. Your face will not only feel amazing, but it will also be primed to soak up your serums and moisturiser.

Meet our new oil cleanser: Neroli and Squalene Cleansing Oil Non-comedogenic

Our new cleansing oil is your perfect first cleanse. Neroli essential oil is antibacterial and balances the skin's natural production of sebum. It is rich in antioxidants and can soothe breakout-induced inflammation and redness. Squalane penetrates pores and improves skin at a cellular level, providing hydration and reducing inflammation. Our squalane is 100% organic and made from olives. The cleansing oil also contains lavender essential oil, which is naturally antibacterial and can prevent, calm and heal breakouts; tangerine essential oil which is antifungal and antiseptic, and sunflower seed oil which is non-comedogenic, highly absorbent, and won't clog your pores.

Our Neroli and Squalene Cleansing Oil can be used on its own, as a solo cleanser or as part of your double cleanse. Either way, it will clean your skin of the things you can see (makeup and sunscreen) and the things you can’t (bacteria, dead skin, excess sebum) and leave it fresh, but not stripped of oils. Clean, but not squeaky. Try it for dry, sensitive or aging skin and for skin that isn’t balanced: skin that is producing either too much oil or not enough.