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Article: Our new must-visit spa partners

Our new must-visit spa partners

Our new must-visit spa partners

Prepare to embark on a journey of luxurious skincare indulgence as we welcome three new luxury Spa Partners. Each destination offers a myriad of treatments and services, where pampering meets innovation to deliver an experience that rejuvenates the skin, body and mind.

These luxurious establishments will now offer our treatment menu, featuring our renowned Vanessa Megan Signature Facials, meticulously crafted to rejuvenate and nourish your skin and the Metamorphosis Sculpt and Lift Intra-oral Facial, promising transformative results from the inside out. 

Explore our newest Spa Partner additions and indulge in an unparalleled experience in self-care, designed to take you on a journey of pure holistic relaxation and radiant beauty.


Total Fusion Platinum 

Newstead - QLD

Situated in the expansive gym and wellness precinct of the Southern Hemisphere's largest facility, lies a luxurious spa where the ancient meets the avant-garde. Total Fusion Platinum emerges as a beacon of holistic wellness and rejuvenation, offering a comprehensive sanctuary for mind, body, and soul.

This brand-new fitness and wellness haven spans six levels, offering an impressive array of treatments and amenities that set it apart from the rest. From a sprawling gym covering over two acres to invigorating cold plunge pools, a luxurious magnesium spa, and even a snow room, Total Fusion Platinum stands out as a destination like no other. In addition to its top-tier facilities, it offers a doggy daycare and creche facilities, ensuring that parents can fully immerse themselves in their spa experience while their little ones are cared for in a dynamic and engaging environment.

Prepare to indulge in a spectrum of services meticulously designed to rejuvenate, relax, and transform. Whether luxuriating in lavish day spa packages, indulging in soothing relaxation and deep tissue massages, experiencing the rejuvenating effects of Vanessa Megan signature facials or the Metamorphosis Sculpt & Lift Intra-Oral Buccal facial, every treatment is crafted to cocoon guests in unparalleled tranquility.

Each visit to Total Fusion Platinum Spa promises a transformative journey toward a more radiant and revitalised self in a world where luxury and tranquility converge. Experience Total Fusion Platinum – where wellness meets indulgence, and every moment is thoughtfully curated with care.

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Claremont - WA

Nestled in the picturesque Claremont area of Perth, Greenhaus Studio beckons visitors with its promise of luxurious indulgence and holistic rejuvenation. Within the confines of this beautifully designed boutique spa environment, every touch is infused with care and attention to detail, ensuring an immersive experience of relaxation and renewal.

At Greenhaus Studio, patrons are invited to embark on a journey that’s not only effective but deeply resonant and purposeful with a range of face and body treatments meticulously crafted to deliver optimal results and enhanced well-being. From collagen-boosting treatments to age-defying regimens, each facial is personalised to cater to individual skincare requirements, promising to revitalise, detoxify, and nourish both skin and soul.

For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury, Greenhaus Studio offers an array of indulgent Spa Packages, including Vanessa Megan and Metamorphosis Signature facials, Reiki, Arabian Oud Renewal Therapy, and crystal therapy sessions, providing a range of avenues to reach your most enhanced state of being.

With its unwavering commitment to holistic wellness and unparalleled standards of luxury, Greenhaus Studio stands out as a sanctuary of serenity and indulgence, curating experiences that not only rejuvenate skin and body, but completely elevate well-being.

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Neutral Bay - NSW

Ikigai Beauty emerges with the belief that looking and feeling exceptional transcends time, focusing on essential care that nurtures the body, mind, and spirit. Tailored for individuals stepping into their forties and beyond, Ikigai offers innovative treatments with a holistic approach to wellness, recognising the pivotal role of stress, lifestyle, and environmental factors in our health and appearance.

Distinguished by its commitment to promoting inner calm and achieving a balance that enriches the skin, body and soul, Ikigai introduces a range of non-invasive treatments. From Vanessa Megan signature facials and the Metamorphosis Sculpt & Lift Intra-Oral Facial, body sculpting sessions using Wood Therapy, to Soul Ritual, utilising hot stones and the soothing sounds of crystal bowls to heal, calm, and ground the body and spirit.

As its doors open wide, Ikigai Beauty extends a warm invitation for all to explore its comprehensive services and embark on a transformative journey of beauty, wellness, and self-discovery. This journey promises not only a radiant complexion but also a vibrant aura and a profound sense of inner peace.

It's more than just a spa; it's a movement towards embracing and enhancing natural beauty at any age, making Ikigai Beauty a beacon for those seeking to live their most vibrant and fulfilling lives.

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