NEW Vanessa Megan Products 2019

As a pioneer in the natural skincare industry, Vanessa Megan™ is always looking to innovate and find new ways to solve skin concerns naturally. Our 2019 rebrand serves as the perfect opportunity to showcase some of Vanessa's latest research in skin science and bring you groundbreaking new ingredients, materials and technology to help heal your skin, brighten your complexion and prevent and reverse the signs of aging.  

We are so excited about each of our new products and can't wait for you to try them out for yourself! Learn more about each of them below.

Group 11 Active Mist

What it is 

Group 11 is an ancient trio of chemical elements Copper (CU), Silver (Ag) and Gold (Au). We use what are called “colloidal metals,” meaning that small particles of each metal are suspended in purified water and then included in formulations.

Each of these metals has impressive skincare benefits on their own, but together they create the ultimate trifecta for age reversal, skin brightening and complexion purifying in our Group 11 Active Mist .

We've combined combined this trio with Hyaluronic Acid and Australian native extracts and then deliver them to your skin via a gentle, refreshing mist. 

What it does

This active mist stimulates cell regrowth and repair to boost your complexion and leave you glowing and bright. Let’s look at each element individually: 


    Copper boosts skin regeneration, stimulates collagen and elastin, helps reduce wrinkles and discolouration

      Silver is naturally antibacterial, frequently used for wound healing, making it ideal for damaged skin
        Gold nourishes and protects skin against premature aging, known for its ability to heal microdamage 

        These hardworking elements are combined with Vitamin C rich Australian extracts of Kakadu Plum and Fingerlime, which work to naturally brighten the skin as well as Davidson Plum, a potent anti-aging compound known to help with wrinkle prevention.

        All of these are delivered to your skin via Hyaluronic Acid and a beautiful sandalwood hydrosol, a mild astringent to help soothe, tighten and cleanse the skin.

        How to use it

        Spritz Group 11 anytime you need a pick-me-up or an active boost to your complexion.

        It’s great when combined with N.E.O. (just sub it in for Rose Hydrosol) or other face oils to increase ingredient penetration.

        Group 11 is also a great follow up to our Gold & Lime Caviar Coconut Membrane Mask, as it can help drive the ingredients from the mask deeper into the skin.


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        Beauty Vibe™ Micro-Vibration Wand

        What it is

        The Beauty Vibe™ is an electric facial massage wand. We've explored the many benefits of facial massage before, but the Beauty Vibe™ takes it to the next level with micro-vibrations.

        Micro-vibrations are thousands of small pulses that stimulate the skin without any pain. When the muscles of the face are stimulated, blood circulation significantly improves, allowing the energy to circulate all over the face, giving tired skin a pep-up.

        Oxygenating skin cells is a tried and trusted method of natural anti-aging skincare. Micro-vibration is a great way to do this because stimulating the facial muscles brings oxygen to the skins surface. More blood flow to the area increases collagen production, giving your complexion a healthy and natural glow.

        What it does

        Extended use of micro-vibration therapy my help firm the skin and reduce signs of ageing. This treatment is particularly beneficial for those looking to combat wrinkles on the forehead, neck and around the eyes or mouth. It also helps with the treatment of acne.

        Micro-vibration therapy is a non-invasive and safe procedure for all skin types, especially for people with rosacea or sensitive skin.

        The Beauty Vibe activates the muscles in your face to improve skin elasticity and promote blood flow, which assists in lymph drainage. All of this means that you’re left with a bright and even complexion.

        The treatment head in conjunction with our high-performance products enriches the skin and increases its natural regeneration process to enhance tired and dull complexions.

        How to use it

        Use the Beauty Vibe™ immediately following application of your moisturiser, serum or facial oil. The micro-vibrations will help drive the nutrients deep into your skin. 

        For best results, use upward and outward strokes on forehead, cheeks, jawline, neck and décolletage. For crow's feet and the under-eye area, use small, inward motions in the opposite direction to lines and wrinkles.  

        Vanessa Megan 100% Natural Skincare_Beauty Vibe™ Application Diagram



        Gold & Lime Caviar Coconut Membrane Sheet Mask

        What it is

        The bio-cellulose fibres of this sheet mask are made from fermented coconut rather than the coarse fibres of traditional sheet masks. These fibres are incredibly strong and have high hydrophilicity, meaning they're able to attract and retain water at remarkable rates- up too 100 times their dry weight! 

        Due to their close similarity to skin, these fibres have been used in the medical field for over a decade to repair artificial blood vessels and act as prosthetic skin.

        The coconut membrane itself could easily stand on it's own, but we've added a powerful serum fortified with colloidal gold and native Australian extracts to give you a spa-like treatment at home.

        What it does

        Even before you add a nutrient-rich serum, this mask adheres perfectly to your face like a second skin and offers cooling, refreshing and deeply hydrating benefits. The gel-like texture and high hydrophilicity means you get a pretty intense moisture boost just from the sheet alone. 

        We've added a few powerful ingredients to offer age preventative, skin healing, collagen boosting, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

        Superstar Colloidal Gold is a potent anti-aging ingredient known to heal microdamage, increase elasticity, slow collagen depletion and stimulate cells to help firm skin.

        Natural AHA and powerful anti-oxidant, Fingerlime Caviar supports collagen production and encourages cellular turnover while anti-bacterial Colloidal Silver calms inflammation.

        This mask works to restore radiance to dry, dull complexions and leave you positively glowing in under half an hour.

        And the best part? It's suitable for all skin types.

        How to use it

        Use for a relaxing, treat-yo-self moment or the night before a big event to make sure you wake up radiant and bright.  

        We recommend using directly after exfoliating (perhaps with our Prebiotic + C Skin Polishing Exfoliator?) to ensure your skin is prepped to best absorb the ingredients.



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