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Article: Guide To Mens Grooming

Guide To Mens Grooming

Guide To Mens Grooming

We pride ourselves on creating products that are powerful for all skin types, not exclusive to any gender. Skincare is just as important for men as it is for women. Nurturing and protecting your skin is not only a crucial ritual, but a powerful tool to boost your confidence! Whether you're reading this blog for yourself, or to find a gift for someone else, join us as we delve into the world of men's grooming for happy and healthy skin!

The Basics
Did you know that only 37% of men are practising skincare daily? And shockingly 20% of men wash their face with body wash! Targeted skincare will work wonders for your skin compared to a product that's purpose is not to balance and even your completion. Knowing exactly what you put on your face will make you look and feel good about yourself!

We recommend our Petitgrain Ph Balancing Cream Cleanser as it is gentle for all skin types and cleans your face without stripping it from its natural oils. Using an exfoliator is a necessary step in your routine to avoid clogged pores from pollution, sunscreen and other products. Exfoliating with our Prebiotic + C Skin Polishing Powder will unveil a smoother and softer complexion while preventing ingrown hairs.

To achieve even and glowing skin, we suggest following with a serum like our Collagen Boosting Gel, but if you wish to keep your routine to a minimum, hydrate your skin with a moisturiser like our Vitamin ABC Daily Face Cream. Sunscreen is essential so if you want some protection for your skin's barrier, try it with the SPF+15. We love a face oil and so will your skin! If you suffer from oily skin, it may come as a surprise that oils balance your natural sebum so your skin can actually become less oily with use! We recommend NEO [Nature's Elixir oil] to apply after or with your moisturiser, or even just on its own if you're not needing the extra hydration.

Lets Talk Facial Hair
Shaving foams can be harsh on the skin, often packed with synthetic ingredients that aggravate the skin's barrier. Our Petitgrain Ph Balancing Cream Cleanser is amazing to shave with, balancing your complexion while giving you a fresh shave that doesn't leave your face red and sensitive.
If you rock a beard or moustache, make it look like it's most luscious by adding a face oil to your regime. NEO or Rosehip & Frankincense Revitalising Skin Repair Oil are amazing at nourishing to give you silky smooth facial hair.

Aftershave shouldn't be an after thought
Aftershave can make your skin smell fresh and divine, but it can contain harsh ingredients that over time will cause damage to the skin. Our 100% Natural Mood-Enhancing Fragrances in the Noir pack have been created to be unisex, with musky, smokey scents that smell incredible on both men and women.

Get him the perfect gift
Skincare is an amazing gift for the special man in your life. With so many products in the market, while not being deep in the world of beauty, sometimes men can put skincare on the back burner. Gifting the skincare basics is a thoughtful and worthwhile gift, setting him up with a routine that he knows works for him so he doesn't have to question what he should be using. With Father's Day coming up, now is the perfect time to pick up some self-care goodies for Dad, but we always say skincare doesn't need an occasion if you want to show someone you care.