Get Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of looking and feeling great, and is so much more than just getting some rest to prepare yourself for the next day. Sleep is a behaviour that is foundational to one's physical, mental, and social well-being. While we sleep, many important functions take place to support your brain, cardiac function as well as your skin.

Beauty sleep is real!

Magic youth elixirs don’t exist (yet), so the closest thing to stopping the clock on ageing skin is to get your beauty sleep. While you sleep, your body goes into deep repair mode, where your skin uses sleep hours to heal itself from the day’s damage and get the chance to improve. The benefits that sleep has on your skin’s health is extraordinary, though only if you are getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep. Any less than six and it can rapidly begin to affect your appearance. We share some tips to improve your mind, body and skin while you sleep, so you can wake up looking and feeling refreshed.

Relax your mind

Winding down for bed can be difficult after a busy day with your mind racing, which is where your sleep fairy godmother, aromatherapy comes into play. Aromatic essential oils are known to medicinally improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit and can aid in better sleep. Our 100% Natural Perfumes contain pure essential oils, two of which are especially magical in helping you have a restful sleep.

Both Monarch 100% Natural Perfume and Harvest 100% Natural Perfume are beautiful mixes of essential organic oils, which help balance the nervous system, mood and promote peaceful sleep. These perfumes are known to calm the mind and relax the body. A spritz of either on your pillow and neck before bed is the perfect addition to your sleep schedule.

To experience our best-selling mood-enhancing aromatherapy scents together, the Inner Peace Gift Box is personally curated for pure relaxation and blissful sleep. The pack includes the Harvest Essential Oil Candle, the Monarch Mini 100% Natural Perfume and a Peruvian Flower Nourishing Hand & Body Cream. This is the perfect present for a friend or yourself to deliver some luxurious rest and relaxation.

Take the Day off

Removing your makeup from the day and cleansing your skin before bed are essential for your skin's health. As you sleep, the cell regeneration process causes hair follicles to lubricate and allows oil to flow to your skin's surface. If you have makeup on, the oil is trapped, causing clogged pores and breakouts.

Our Petitgrain pH Balancing Natural Cleanser in The Holy Trinity Kit, cleans your skin without stripping its natural oils. It’s the perfect first step to prepare your skin for the following protective ingredients in your nighttime routine, and also prevents dehydration at night.

Help Your Skin Work its Magic

Following with the other two parts of The Holy Trinity system, our Rose Hydrosol Pore Refining Toner mixed with a few drops of our NEO Oil. Rose Hydrosol, controls sebum and uses the antibacterial properties of rose essential oil to fight acne, calm rosacea and restore the skin's pH levels, while NEO gives your skin all the rich emollient ingredients it needs to regenerate, hydrate and protect during the night.

The Holy Trinity Kit is designed to clean and protect all skin types perfectly, while allowing you to keep your routine quick and simple (it is also a brilliant anti-aging night routine if you are looking to protect your skin as you age). If your skin needs deeper moisture or is ageing, add in our AEON Azure™ Regenerative Night Repair Crème, which will help achieve dermal transformation and radiance while repairing the skin's external barrier.

Finally, use the Lapiz Lazuli Gua Sha to erase fine lines, puffiness, and to wake up with a more radiant complexion. Treat yourself and your skin to the beauty sleep you deserve and you’ll thank yourself later.

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