A journey to entice the senses and educate the mind…

We are filled with joy and appreciation after the amazing day that was our sensory journey. So much love and care go into formulating and creating our products which is why we wanted to demonstrate the truth behind VM, through an educational and interactive journey by Vanessa Gray Lyndon.

The sensory journey began at the Sixth Scents, where our guests learnt about the mood-enhancing properties behind our six 100% natural fragrances. They listened to Vanessa share the scents that have evoked her most vivid and deepest memories, and walked away carrying an aroma of invigorating essential oils that would represent their memory of their experience at the VM sensory journey.

Feeling all the feels from the fragrances, whether that be relaxed or uplifted, our guests headed to the Beauty Superfood station, because great skin begins on the inside. The glow-up smoothies not only tasted amazing, but they also contained ingredients that are beneficial for the skin, including our Astaxanthin & Marine Collagen Skin Boost. While indulging in luminous skincare in drink form, our guests prepared for the main event of the sensory journey.

After putting on the same uniform that Vanessa wears in her lab, our guests stepped into the Nuturaceutical Lab with their lab coats and hair nets on. An exclusive look into Vanessa's lab not only showed off the materials and ingredients she uses for her products. Vanessa demonstrated how she makes our A+B+C Daily Face Cream while sharing her knowledge of the importance of natural ingredients. From raw ingredients to compressed form to the mixing machine, our guests got a first-hand look and feel of the formulating and manufacturing process of Vanessa’s best-selling product. Our guests then had the opportunity to pour the cream into a sugar cane tube to take home and to experience all of the benefits that Vanessa had educated them on.

Walking away with newfound knowledge on natural skincare, our guests deserved some relaxation, and in the true VM way, that meant LED Therapy wtih The Butterly EffectMedical-Grade Silicone LED Mask! The butterfly effect is the idea that small things can lead to large-scale changes. Our guests got to choose the change they wanted to see in their skin, by picking one out of the seven LED light colours/treatments to experience.

Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, our guests mingled around the Graze and Glow station. Because you should never put anything on your skin that you couldn’t eat, our tables of treats were covered with raw ingredients and organic snacks that are also in our products.

While our guests left feeling refreshed, with powerful beauty knowledge and treatments, we left feeling proud and warm, knowing that our guests had the opportunity to experience honest and natural skincare and see what we’re so passionate about here at VM.

Watching Vanessa in her element was truly incredible to see. Vanessa's purpose of her event was clear, to share the importance of taking care of your mind, body and skin with raw organic ingredients, rather than displaying her products available to purchase.

The sensory journey reaffirmed Vanessa’s position as a thought leader who strives to educate others with her beauty and wellness knowledge, in order to help others in looking and feeling the best version of themselves.

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