How to keep your skin clean and protected during winter

During the cooler weather, it's crucial to remain mindful of the sun's influence on our skin, even when we don't feel it's comforting warmth. Wearing SPF daily is essential while outdoors, as it shields the skin from unwelcome signs of ageing, unsightly spots, and lacklustre dullness. Our Vitamin A+B+C SP15+ is the perfect daily sunscreen during this season as it is lightweight, protective and doesn’t leave a white cast.

National Sunscreen Day (27th May) brings up an important skincare conversation around cleansing and exfoliating. Are you aware that it's important to exfoliate your skin after wearing sunscreen to eliminate product buildup? This is particularly crucial when using zinc-based sunscreens, as regular cleansers may not effectively remove them. Nailing your cleansing regime will allow the products that you follow up with to perform effectively, delivering their desired results.

Do I Need to Exfoliate Daily?

Embracing the practice of exfoliating the skin becomes exceptionally beneficial as the cooler weather sets in. By gently buffing away dead skin cells, this essential step enables oil and serum products to deeply penetrate the epidermal layers, maximising their effectiveness and delivering optimal results. Depending on your skin type, thorough exfoliation is not necessary every day as it can be abrasive on the skin causing irritation and sensitivity.

For daily elimination of impurities nestled within the layers of your skin, we recommend the Rosemary & Jojoba Bead Exfoliating Cleanser. This remarkable formula is designed to provide a gentle yet effective exfoliation experience, making it perfect for daily use and removing sunscreen build-up. It not only restores balance, tone, and clarity to your skin but also assists in decongesting the pores, thus safeguarding against potential breakouts caused by stubborn build-up. This cleanser is the perfect skincare product for dry sensitive skin by providing optimal care and nourishment, and also tailors to those with oily skin by effectively cleansing the pores.

For more thorough and occasional exfoliation, try the Prebiotic + C Skin Polishing Exfoliator Powder. Mix with water to create a paste to then buff into the skin. Use 1-3 times a week to unveil a smoother, brighter, and more even-toned complexion.

Should I Exfoliate Before or After Cleansing

After enduring a day exposed to the elements and the accumulation of skin oils, cleansing becomes the quintessential first step to restore and refresh your complexion. We love to double cleanse using our Neroli & Squalane Cleansing Oil to lift excess oils and products from the day, then apply the Petitgrain pH Balancing Cream Cleanser to hydrate and clarify the skin. Once you have a clean base from using our organic cleansers, you can exfoliate any dead skin cells piled up on the skin's surface to unveil a fresh layer of radiant skin.

We know there is confusion around when you should cleanse and exfoliate, but the truth is, you should do it at night. Your skin works hard all night to build its own natural barrier against the world. This helpful oil keeps your skin soft and protected which is why you shouldn’t wash it away! On the other hand, if you have acne-prone skin or need to use skincare products for oily skin, a gentle cleanse in the morning is recommended to reduce oil build-up. We recommend our Papaya Enzymatic Foaming Daily Cleanser if you suffer from acne in order to achieve clear and clean skin without irritation. 

What Happens if I Don’t Exfoliate My Skin?

When you neglect to exfoliate your skin, a range of undesired consequences may unfold. Over time, dead skin cells accumulate on the surface, leading to a dull and lacklustre complexion. Without exfoliation, the skin's natural renewal process slows down, resulting in a build-up of impurities, clogged pores, and potential breakouts. Additionally, the accumulation of dead cells can hinder the absorption and effectiveness of your skincare products, limiting their ability to nourish and transform your skin. By incorporating regular exfoliation into your skincare routine, you can rejuvenate your complexion, promote a smoother texture, and reveal a fresh, vibrant glow.

Maintaining smooth, even and radiant skin relies on diligent protection and proper removal of sunscreen. To ensure your skin stays in its healthiest state, we recommend following our suggested routine. In the morning, start by washing your face with water, then apply SPF to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. In the evening, cleanse your face thoroughly, delicately exfoliate to eliminate any impurities, and proceed with your night-time serums and oils. This comprehensive approach helps to preserve your skin's well-being, allowing it to thrive and reveal its natural beauty.

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