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Article: How models achieved the perfect runway glow for fashion week

How models achieved the perfect runway glow for fashion week

How models achieved the perfect runway glow for fashion week


 Vanessa Megan partnered with Aje to bring raw beauty to the runway. As the official skin sponsor of Aje's Resort 22 Runway Show, the first of the 2021 fashion season. Vanessa Megan and celebrity makeup artist Isabella Schimid, created these incredible looks with natural beauty as the focus.

In order to enhance the raw beauty of the 40 models, Isabella used products from the Vanessa Megan Skincare range alongside sister brand Biode to achieve dewy, radiant complexions that looked hydrated and vibrant.

How Isabella achieved these runway ready looks

Firstly all models faces were lightly cleansed using Vanessa Megan's Rose Hydrosol Pore Refining Toner with a cotton pad. Making sure to remove any makeup or impurities from the skin to create a blank canvas.

Isabella’s signature is her use of beauty tools when prepping the skin for makeup; this is really what sets her artistry apart. Through the use of massage, Isabella and her team massage each model’s face, stimulating blood supply to the surface, really working to wake the skin up, increase collagen activity and plump the skin.

The next step in prepping the models skin was to use a frozen Cryo-Rose Face treatment that was wrapped in a muslin cloth. The icy-cold product was massaged into the skin until melted. Making sure to apply over lips and down into the neckline and decolletage.

The Gold & Lime Caviar face mask followed. Once the mask was secured, the makeup artist got to work using the cult favourite Beauty Vibe Wand, penetrating the serums of the face mask deep into the skin creating that healthy-looking glow.

Now it was time for the award winning N.E.O Oil. Isabella and her team combined 8 drops with a spritz of the Rose Hydrosol to activate the product ensuring that when massaged it sunk deep into the model’s skin.

The finishing touches to prepping the models skin was to apply the Mandarin and Basil lip balm to the lips.

Isabella then used products from our sister brand Biode which has a range of high quality body products designed to return to the earth with as little or no impact on our planet as possible. She lightly powdered her models, brushed their eyebrows up with minimal amounts of brow gel and curled their lashes. She then added Biode Clear Salve to the high points of the face to bring out a natural glow.

To add a bit of colour and sheen to her models, Isabella added Biode's clear salve to the eyes. She then proceeded to use Biode's Tinted Lip Balm in Waratah on the apples of the cheeks and lips for a natural flush. She then applied a cream-coloured eyeliner to the inner rim of the eyes and did a final powder of their T-zones.

Finally, once all models' faces were prepped, Isabella applied the Peruvian Flower Nourishing Hand and Body cream by Vanessa Megan all over their bodies. Adding the Biode clear salve on high points of their shoulders and shins to create a beautiful, natural glow.

They were then ready for the runway!