Dear VM Community, 

We hope you are all staying healthy, happy and home throughout these strange and unpredictable times. 

We have shut down public access to our HQ, but have been busy in the lab and warehouse to make sure orders get out and you all receive the much-needed relief of your skincare. 

In the midst of all that's going on, skincare can easily seem like a frivolous thing to prioritise, but it can also offer a positive distraction from the uncertainty that is currently surrounding us and provide the opportunity to slow down and take special care of ourselves. We are all in this together, so rest assured that we are here for you and have every intention of remaining so.

That being said, we have been experiencing some delays with our deliveries, particularly international orders. In addition to prices going up, our international deliveries are struggling to reach their destinations. Our shipping partners are working as hard as they possibly can, but no one is immune to the global situation. 

In order to maintain the most efficient and reliable service at this time, we have had to suspend all international orders until further notice. Please know that this is not an easy or enjoyable decision for us, but one we make in the interest of our customers. (Nothing worse than paying an arm and a leg for a parcel that never arrives!)

Rest assured we will reinstate international shipping the moment we can reliably and safely do so. 

All our love, 

Team VM xx