Vanessa Megan Skincare Rebrand

Vanessa Megan™ turns 10 years old in 2019 and we wanted to celebrate this achievement, as well as the last ten years, with an overhaul of the brand’s visual identity and product range.

Our products have been tried and are deeply trusted by our loyal customers from all over the globe, but we found that the old packaging kept us from breaking into the luxe, high-end market that is desperately missing a natural AND effective alternative to synthetics.

We understand that in 2019, consumers should be able to have it all- a product that works, is good for the body and the environment AND that looks bloody beautiful on the vanity or in the bathroom cabinet. Our mission with this rebrand is to elevate the aesthetics of the brand to match the contents of our bottles and tubes. We are a sophisticated, well-established, trustworthy brand- it’s about time we looked like it! 

Further, we wanted to refine our product range to reflect what we do best: skincare and natural fragrance. Our skin specialist range is designed to suit all ages and skin types by keeping things simple and straightforward; it’s a succinct but comprehensive range of our best-sellers with a few new dynamic additions. We also reformulated our natural fragrance range to include four distinct and complex fragrances, all at a higher fragrance concentration than our previous blends.

All of these changes ensure that both our uncompromising standards of quality and consumer’s expectations are met or exceeded. 


Eighteen months of hard work and dedication went into this rebrand. We made a lot of intentional and conscious decisions throughout the process that we want to share with you to help you understand our vision. 



Vanessa is the Greek word for butterfly, so it was important to us to keep the visual identity of our brand alive through the butterfly icon. The butterfly symbolises transformation, regeneration and growth; elements of our brand that have never been more fitting than right now. Just as we are metamorphosing our visual identity, so our products work to transform and regenerate your precious skin.


We chose the colour palette for our new range carefully; to represent our past, present and future.

The custom amber BROWN bottles represent our organic roots; this brand was born and built in a market stall and we pay tribute to that history with the colour most associated with organic skincare. 

The WHITE boxes and tubes represent the purity of our formulations, now and forever. We remain committed to transparency when it comes to our clean formulations.

The GOLD accents across the range represent the elegance and luxury of our formulas and aim to place these products on the shelf next to [synthetic] department store brands.


It all started eighteen months ago when we heard from about the 100th person that they’d accidentally spritzed their face with perfume instead of Rose Water and we thought “Right. We need to do something about these indistinguishable bottles.”

So we designed and sourced a proper perfume bottle and Vanessa went into the lab to do what she does best and created three new complex and unique fragrances. We decided to keep our best-selling fragrance, Essential Blend, but gave it a new moniker to better align with the new aesthetic. 

In doing all of this, it occurred to us to look at the rest of our range as well. For a brand preaching simplicity, we offered a complex and extensive range without much focus. We took the opportunity to replicate what we had done with our perfumes and pare back the range to hone in on what we did best: skincare.

The goal was to create a succinct and effective range that works for all skin types and doesn’t overwhelm the consumer. This involved keeping a lot of products, culling a lot of products and introducing a few new dynamic additions that speak to skincare needs and concerns in 2019 and the future. 

Will there be range extensions to come? Absolutely. Not only can Vanessa’s creative energy not be tamed, but we intend to remain ahead of the pack in skin science and natural skincare solutions. We think of this rebrand as a “reset” button; providing us with the space to innovate and create in the future.

If there is a product you’re dearly going to miss, please see our recommendations for all discontinued product alternatives here.




Once we had the product range and the new look decided, we couldn’t bear to put the old product names on the new, sleek bottles and tubes.

Our formula for naming (and renaming) the products was: key ingredient(s), action, type of product. For example, our Triple Action Eyelift Serum became our Pineapple Enzyme + HA (key ingredients) Brightening (action) Eyelift Serum (product type). As with any rule, there are exceptions to this formula within the range, but it provided us with a framework in which to operate, in an effort to lend the brand consistency and efficacy.

A full list of our renamed products is here.



As a brand known for innovation, we couldn’t launch a new look without a few dynamic new additions.

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