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Article: What is Cryotherapy and why it's good for your skin

What is Cryotherapy and why it's good for your skin

What is Cryotherapy and why it's good for your skin

Take the plunge with icy cryotherapy treatments for your skin! 

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how fit you are, how well you eat or how effectively
you manage stress, everyone can have a difficult night, a difficult week or even a difficult few months.

What is Cryo Therapy and why it's so good for your skin 

We can feel tired, even when our age tells us we shouldn’t. We can feel drained,
unenergetic, and like we’ve lost the ‘bounce’ that gives us the confidence and clarity we need to make our mark.
When we feel like this, we often don’t just feel it in our bones, muscles or hazy minds.
On the outside, our skin can reflect the inside, feeling dry, drawn and dehydrated.
Cryotherapy, or ‘cold therapy’ is one way we can reinvigorate ourselves, inside and out, so we feel lighter, brighter and ready to take on the world.
First used in treatments as early as 400BC, we’ve known for thousands of years that exposing our bodies and our skin to extremely cold temperatures can have amazing healing and restorative effects.
Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since immersing ourselves in drums of freezing cold water or diving into chilled, wintry lakes was the only way to experience the benefits of nature’s icy gift.
Today, not only do we have advanced medical and remedial cryotherapy treatments to support our bodies, we also have facials, ice cube serum treatments or even cryo face masks that offer incredible and instant benefits to our skin.


Why should you try cryotherapy?

If you read the start of this article, coffee almost spilling out of your cup, and you could relate to feeling and looking tired, cryotherapy is an accessible, at-home treatment for you.
If you still have that bounce in your step, but you want to feel and look fresh and bright, reduce puffiness or blemishes, and add some firmness and tone to your skin, plunging into cooler therapies is a simple, yet highly effective treatment option.
Cryotherapy can target a range of skin concerns and is a non-invasive way you can stimulate collagen production and plump out those lines on your face. It can help you fight the natural signs of aging and can also speed up recovery of damaged skin.

Feel transformed with Vanessa Megan‘s natural cryotherapy treatments

At Vanessa Megan™, we are focused on helping you feel like the best version of
yourself, with natural products that bring luminosity to your skin and strength to your spirit.
Driven by our dedication to sourcing effective, organic alternatives to the world’s best skincare treatments, and making them accessible to everyone, we have created two award-winning, cryotherapy treatments.
We take it beyond plunge pools and ice packs, to combine the cold with a multitude of 100% natural ingredients that hydrate, smooth and fight the effects of the harsh environment around us.

Vanessa Megan™ Cryo Facelift

Made with IBR-Dormin®, our cryotherapy facelift is scientifically-proven to visibly firm and plump the skin. It contains Quandong extract, rich in native Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid, which work together to rapidly combat wrinkles, puffiness and dehydration.
Gotu Kolu Extract, rich in amino and fatty acids, stimulates new cell growth and collagen production, while Ginseng and Green Coffee Seeds firm and smooth the skin, reducing visible signs of aging.
Prepare to feel brighter and better, and to look reenergised and radiant, after your Vanessa Megan™ Cryo Facelift.

Vanessa Megan™ Cryo Rose treatment

Named Organic Product of the Year in 2021, our second cryotherapy treatment, the Cryo Rose, has been designed to cool and soothe tired and irritated skin.
Formulated from Green Tea Extract and Colloidal Silver, it gently strengthens and firms the skin, while Calendula and Cucumber fight inflammation, and our frozen serum encourages capillaries to restrict for deeper penetration of the nourishing ingredients.
To use either of our treatments, pop them in the freezer for 30 minutes, put the kettle on and get ready to relax! Once cooled, apply the serums to your face, massaging lightly, and then sit back and chill, as nature’s best ingredients go to work for you.

Focused on delivering a truly sensual experience, Vanessa Megan’s Cryo treatments bring together some of nature’s most powerful and effective ingredients to revive tired skin, reinvigorate tired spirits and re-empower you to make your mark!