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Article: Vanessa Megan Perfume Rebrand 2019

Vanessa Megan Perfume Rebrand 2019

Vanessa Megan Perfume Rebrand 2019

Vanessa Megan 100% Natural Perfumes

A Note from Vanessa

In 2001, my best friend commented to me that ‘you should never put anything on your skin you wouldn’t eat.’ This simple concept led to extensive research on the synthetic standards of maceration, percolation and imitation, exposing links to many human illnesses. Studying the power of ancient essential oils, I began sourcing my skincare and beauty needs from natural, wild harvest and bio available ingredients. 

Today, my private laboratory produces natural perfumes and skincare products that blend phyto-active compounds and Australian natural species in unique formulations that are certified food grade and have been awarded for their efficacy nationally and in Asia.

Over the last decade, I have discovered an unexpected joy in biochemistry; an innate relationship with the individual fragrances across the natural reservoir of herbs, spices, resins, flowers, absolutes and trees. As a scent purist, I search for alternative ways to preserve fragrance, mixing energised water with a straight-from-the-earth philosophy.

To celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary, I’m so proud to extend our perfume library with a capsule range of four bespoke, pure botanical scents. We will be discontinuing 4 of our 5 previous fragrances and renaming our Essential Blend. We are also debuting a new look to make sure this perfume looks as good on your shelf as it smells on your skin.

I hope you enjoy each fragrance as much as I truly enjoyed blending them.

Vanessa xx

March 2019


Why Choose Natural Perfume?

The biggest difference between our 100% natural perfumes and most perfumes is that ours do not contain alcohol. Also known as isopropyl, alcohol immediately de-greases the skin, creating a quick drying finish. With repetitive use, the accumulative effect damages the skin, weakening the epidermal resistance to irritants that can be known to cause inflammation.

Further, our premium aromatic fragrances are blended from 100% natural and wild grown flowers, trees, fruits, spices and resins.

Synthetic smells derived from petrochemicals:

  • Can cause migraines, nausea and lung irritation;
  • Mask the skin, rather than allowing for an individual, personal scent; and
  • Can cause skin sensitivity and environmental damage 

Our natural perfumes will linger on skin, hair and clothing. The heat of the body activates the precious oils, allowing the fragrance to become as individual as you are. Each fragrance also offers aromatherapy benefits.

Our pure plant-based compositions are kind to your body and keep all creatures great and small free from harm.




Conscious Concentration

A perfume’s classification is determined by what percentage of the total bottle is pure fragrance oil. The higher the concentration, the longer lasting the scent. Previously, our natural perfumes were classified as eau de toilette. The entire new range is made with a 15% pure essential oil concentration, placing them in the eau de parfum category. This means they are more intense, longer lasting scents than our previous formulations.

Meet The Bottle

In addition to increasing the potency of the essential oil blends, our new perfumes come in sleek new bottles. The amber and opaque white glass are designed to protect the essential oils within from going rancid, thereby extending the shelf life of your perfume. The atomiser on this new bottle is slightly different than the old bottle as well. Where the previous atomiser would deliver .25ml per spritz, the new atomiser delivers .08ml per spritz. This means that even in a higher concentration, you may find you need a few more spritz to achieve the same fragrance intensity you're used to. 



The Fragrances

All four fragrances are available in two sizes: a full 50ml size and a 10ml bottle perfect for trialing a new fragrance or travelling with your favourite. In addition, we also offer a Mini Collection, containing an individually boxed 10ml bottle of each fragrance.


Formerly known as “Essential Blend,” our signature scent blends five exotic essential oils into a truly unique fragrance that balances sensual musk with earthy florals. These oils are known to calm the mind and relax the body. They are also said to balance the hormonal system* and to have aphrodisiac qualities.

*Avoid if pregnant




ylang ylang | rose | geranium




An enigmatic blend of oils bursting with sweet citrus and settling into a warm, oriental woody scent. These pure oils have properties known to balance the nervous system, create intimate joy and build inner confidence and peace, naturally.


sweet orange | lavender


may chang | cocoa bean


sandalwood | cedarwood | patchouli | vanilla


A bouquet of precious florals and fruity resins reminiscent of a blooming garden, this sensory wonderment offers many aromatherapy benefits. Known to help build self-confidence, instil deep tranquility and encourage an open heart.




geranium | rose | red champa


myrrh | frankincense | violet 


A rich, complex and unforgettable fragrance that evokes mystery with deep woody resins cloaked in fresh Eastern spices. This proprietary blend is known to have aphrodisiac qualities, help stimulate intuition, elevate moods and create deep peace.


bergamot | holy basil


cardamom | elemi | black pepper


sandalwood | oak moss | tobacco | cedarwood | patchouli | oud | vetiver


Our mini perfume collection is great as a gift or for the indecisive soul who likes to mix, match and layer scents.