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Article: The Importance of Being Australian Made - Interview with Founder, Vanessa Megan

The Importance of Being Australian Made - Interview with Founder, Vanessa Megan

The Importance of Being Australian Made - Interview with Founder, Vanessa Megan

1. What does being an Australian made brand mean to you?

It means everything. Here at VM, being Australian made and owned is integral to our identity as a brand and it's something we're very proud of because we see Australian beauty as a unique player in the market.

A-Beauty means that we do as little to our skin as possible with the greatest result. Korean beauty is a 10 step program. Here at Vanessa Megan, we say ‚ÄėLess is more‚Äô. Using a great cleanser and moisturiser will set you on your way. Products like our Holy Trinity Kit align with my motto that 'Your skin is your best foundation!' A - Beauty means that all your needs should be met in as few products as possible. We have busy lives between work, going to the beach, catching up with friends and Australians want to know that they can use organic products and get results naturally and efficiently.

2. Why was it important to have your products made locally?

Manufacturing locally means that our customers are always receiving fresh products. We know the standards of the facilities they have been made in, how they have been stored and where they have been stored, so our customer experience is premium.

3. What is an Australian ingredient in your skincare products that you absolutely love and why?

My favourite product of the moment is our Tasmania Sea Kelp. It is one of Australia’s most recent marine botanical discoveries found in the pristine marine ecosystems of Tasmania’s West Coast. This Tasmanian Kelp offers an impressive range of phyto-compounds which are known to target wrinkles and inflammation to help repair the skin.

4. What product in your range should Australian beauty media be across and why?

Our Aeon Azure Regenerative Crem√®. We launched this luxurious crem√® 6 months ago and it won the Global Innovation Award in Anti-Ageing a month after launching. This incredibly rich formulation sits at the pinnacle of Naturaceutical‚ĄĘ skincare, transforming the dermal layer of the skin giving it that radiance we all love.¬†

5. New research shows a surge for Australian-made products. How do you think VM has impacted the Australian beauty market?

Our brand has taken the Australian beauty market by storm. Having recently collaborated with Aje as their official skin sponsor for Fashion Week 2021 we have taken raw beauty to new heights and will continue to dominate the beauty arena in clean and natural beauty.

6. There is a global demand for Australian beauty products right now, why do you think this is the case?

Australia has always been seen as 'The lucky country’ to anyone who resides outside our shores. The recent pandemic and our ability to control it so quickly has just added to the clean and bountiful idea of Australia. I believe that this, along with digital shopping becoming a must for shoppers globally, it has assisted in this increase. We also have fantastic native ingredients that are extremely beneficial for the skin that has allowed consumers to demand more from the Australian beauty sector.