Spring in a Spritz - Liliquoi Featured in Beauticate

Liliquoi was recently named as a spring favourite by the esteemed beauty blog, Beauticate.

Sigourney Cantelo, former Vogue editor, started the holistic beauty blog, Beauticate, to share insider scoop from professionals in the business about the latest and greatest trends in beauty.

In Beauticate’s article “The 6 Perfumes That Will Evoke Spring In A Spritz”, our gorgeous and refreshing floral scent Liliquoi was featured as one of their favourite spring scents. Liliquoi is described as “Green Gorgeousness” and compared to a lush spring garden. We couldn’t agree more!

Pop over to Beauticate for more beauty and lifestyle tips to incorporate into your everyday routine. 

Image credit: Sourced Styling/Sophie Kuceli /Creative Director and Stylist 

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