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Article: Skincare tips for men

Skincare tips for men

Skincare tips for men

We know skincare is sometimes a taboo subject for men, but it shouldn’t be! Everyone should be aiming to look after their skin as it is the largest organ in our body and one we have for life. 

Men are probably the most reluctant to take care of their skin. With our easy and simple guide this is about to change. 

Why should men start using skincare products? 

Just like women, it is vital for men to take care of their skin if they want it to be healthy and look their best. Using the right skincare products with no nasties can protect the skin, boost blood circulation and also nourish the skin. Also, specific skincare can reduce redness, dry patches and the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and spots. 

Main differences between male and female skin: 

1. Men have bigger pores and more active sebaceous glands:

The main difference between men and women in terms of their skin is that their sebaceous glands are more active, leading to larger pores. When you have larger pores you are more prone to the effects of free radicals in the air, making your skin shinier and oilier. Protecting your skin is key in getting rid of this excess oil. 


2. Shaving, shaving, shaving! 

Shaving stresses the skin, particularly shaving the face. The upper layer of skin cells are removed when shaving, causing ‘immature’ skin to be exposed. Therefore, this skin needs care and attention. 


3. Beard growth:

Growing a beard also plays a factor in affecting your skin. Facial hair can collect a lot of debris and bacteria that can predispose to the development of acne if you don’t cleanse your face well. 


4. Signs of aging come later:

For men, signs of aging usually tend to appear later in their life. When they do appear however, they occur a lot faster. Taking the approach to having a proper skincare routine will assist you in slowing down that process and give you strong, nourished skin. 


What Vanessa Megan products suit men? 

In short, all of them! However we understand that men may not feel too inclined to have a lengthy skincare routine so we have broken down a simple, yet effective routine. 

Cleanse & Shave: Petitgrain Balancing PH Cleanser

This is a lightweight, multipurpose daily cleanser that removes excess oil and environmental pollutants while balancing the pH of your skin. This cream cleanser is also a shaving wonder! It hydrates the skin while you shave and it lengthens the life of your razor blades! Talk about a multi-purpose product!

Use: Massage a small amount onto DRY skin at night. Rinse with warm water, pay dry. For shaving: Apply a thin layer over stubble, wet razor, shave, pat dry.

Exfoliation: Prebiotic + C Skin Polishing Exfoliator 

This exfoliator is our male customers all-time favourite!

It is important to exfoliate your skin at least once a week. For more information on exfoliation, click here. 

Formulated to buff away dead skin cells, it also helps to lift the top layer of skin off any in-grown hairs and leave your skin looking fresher and smoother. 

Use: Mix powder with water to create a paste and apply to the face. Exfoliate using circular motions, paying special attention to problem areas. Rinse.

Moisturise: Intensive Dermal Repair Moisture Balm 

This moisturiser rescues extremely dry, tired and damaged skin with its deeply nourishing, repairing and restorative qualities.

Use: Massage a generous amount directly onto face, neck and décolletage.

You can purchase all three products in one easy kit here.

Make sure you remain consistent with your skincare routine for the best results. Now you’re ready to rock incredible skin!